How To Throw The Most Awesome Frozen Party Of All Time

If I let my 5-year old child design her Frozen party, it would look something like this. Unfortunately for her, this awesome Frozen party would have only been possible if she had been born a princess, with many riches and servants. This next birthday, she’ll just have to stick to dressing up as Elsa and playing “let it go” on loop, while I hand out a few blue freeze pops to her friends.

1. Instead of paper invites, send actual blocks of ice, containing treats as well as party details.

Karen Ayars / Via

2. Send out the invites using these Frozen postage stamps (yes, I see the problem with the ice block thing too).

3. Welcome your guests under a Frozen Ice Palace Party Entrance made from hundreds of balloons.

Cenario Baloes / Via Facebook: CENARIOBALOES

4. On arrival, give all your party guests a brand new Elsa cape of their very own, to keep.

ETSY / Via

5. Surprise your guests by having actual snow shipped in to cover the entire back yard.

6. Commission an Olaf ice sculpture.

7. Have Elsa arrive in a horse drawn carriage.

Pink Pixie Parties / Via Facebook: beckypinkpixieparties

8. Invite (at cost), not only Elsa, but all her friends to entertain the party guests.

9. Hire this GIANT Frozen themed bouncy castle.

Dartford bouncy castles / Via Facebook: hypa.bouncers

10. Get this ice cream van to do a drive by.

Pete’s Ices / Via

11. Serve Anna’s actual sunflower birthday cake (from Frozen Fever).

Bolos Bellini / Via Facebook: bolosbellini

12. Embed a smart phone, playing “Let it go” on loop, endlessly, into the cake.

unknown / Via

13. And find a place for this cake topper, encrusted with Swarovski Crystals.

14. Have not one, but four, princess dress cupcake cakes, to cover the entire Frozen princess wardrobe.

Frozen Party Ideas and @TastyTianas. / Via

15. Serve Elsa glove cake pops, each on it’s own individual, tiny, gold tray.

Hostest with the mostest / Via

16. Get the party talking with this blue chocolate fondue.

Frozen Party Ideas / Via

17. Serve this ice blue champagne to the adults because they deserve something Frozen-themed too. (Okay, my daughter didn’t choose this, but I need it now).

Blanc de Bleu / Via

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