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11 Reasons You Should Be Watching East Los High

The Hulu Original series East Los High is like Degrassi meets Step Up meets your abuela's wildest telenovela.

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1. East Los High is the first English language show with an all Latino cast.

Via East Los High

While Devious Maids was the first television series to feature an all Latina leading cast, East Los High not only features Latino actors, but also a predominantly Latino writing staff and production crew.

The show's co-creator, Carlos Portugal says, "My hope is that people from East LA get to see themselves in the show portrayed as diverse human beings and not the typical Latino stereotypes we see in TV and films."

3. The drama is OUT OF CONTROL.

Angela Velez / Via East Los High

With storylines that include teen pregnancy, cheating scandals, sex tapes, dying parents, revenge, seduction schemes, drug lords, long lost cousins and more, East Los High could give Scandal a run for its money in the drama department.

4. The dance scenes mean that every episode is like an mini version of Step Up.

Angela Velez / Via East Los High

Most of the characters are members of the East Los High Bomb Squad, so there are lots of dance scenes. The show doesn't even hide the fact that they've borrowed storylines from dance movie classics like Bring it On, and that makes it all the better.

8. One of the show's main characters is a lesbian, and her sexuality is just one facet of her character. / Via

All too often, LGBTQ characters on television shows are reduced to talking only about their sexuality and their coming out experience, but not on East Los High. Jocelyn is an activist, a spoken word artist, and a leader at her high school, and she just happens to be gay. While coming out certainly isn't easy for her (especially not with Jocelyn's best friend/sometimes-girlfriend dating her foster brother!), she's able to find support through her high school principal, who also happens to be gay. Yes, that's right--there are at least TWO lesbians on East Los High, and they aren't even dating each other!

9. Valuable sex education sneaks its way into the show. / Via East Los High

The sex education on East Los High is frank, honest, and never embarrassing. The sex education is actually part of the show's mission to educate viewers about STDs, pregnancy options, birth control, and more.

10. East Los High is a crazy addictive, well-crafted, and fast-paced show with a gorgeous, diverse cast that will teach you more about sex education than your high school health teacher ever could.

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