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15 Photos Of Dogs Eating Frozen Treats

We love to spoil our pets, and they don't mind it too much either. Here are some lucky dogs whose parents know how to treat a pup right. For your own happy pooch, check out Frosty Paws Frozen Treats for Dogs for a refreshing summer snack. Woof!

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1. This move is called the "THANK YOU SO MUCH" lick.

unleashedbypetco / Via

2. Also very common is the "I Am Definitely Not Sharing" lick.

Brian Hillegas / Via Flickr: seatbelt67

3. Some dogs just go for the "Awww Yeah" lick.

pooksbaby / Via

4. Or the "Nothing Else Matters Right Now" lick.

@CharlieSharPei / Via

5. The more classy pups just aim for the "Dainty Lady" approach.

a_teenage_dirtbag / Via

6. They try really hard not to get ice cream all over their faces.

sarahscottphoto / Via

7. They are like delicate flowers blowing in the wind.

Andrew Dobrow / Via Flickr: opethdamna

8. Other dogs don't care about that.

shamzton / Via

9. Actually, most don't.

vagawi  / Via Flickr: vagawi

10. They are actually just borderline gluttonous.

Sean Biehle / Via Flickr: withoutsound

11. Every once and awhile pups will use the "Sneak Attack" method.

Flip Schulke / Via

12. But they usually don't have to, their parents always give in.

John Wright / Via Flickr: dryfish

13. How could anyone say no to that face?

Guitarfool5931 / Via Flickr: joeguitar

14. They may be spoiled, but they're your best friends...

SPNR / Via Flickr: mouse-e

15. So just give them what they want already!

Because that's what friends are for.

Travis Swan / Via http://%20Flickr: swambo