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The Definitive Ranking Of Smells That Remind You Of Childhood

Scent is closely linked with get ready for some smells you thought you'd forgotten. Bring on the feels while bringing back awesome with Froot Loops®.

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21. Pencil Shavings

Craig Veltri / Getty Images

Those teeny-tiny clippings from electric pencil sharpeners (good) or hand-cranked metal ones (bad) sure did punctuate the smell of the first day of school.

16. Petting Zoos

So bad it was good? The aroma of adorable animals and their hay- and wood shaving-lined pens was one you "got used to" in no time!

12. Rubber-coated Playground Equipment

The scent of pre-calloused hands grasping old rubber was as poignant as the adrenaline rush.

11. The Giant Rainbow Parachute

Corey Hochachka / Getty Images

Being under a majestic and awe-inspiring rainbow parachute on the best day of gym class ever simply smelled like togetherness. And lots of nylon fabric.

6. Old Crayons

Randen Pederson (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: chefranden

The scent of old crayons — some with their paper peeling and some snapped right in half (sometimes in a metal tin, sometimes in the original box) — inspired creativity.

2. The School Library

Mia & Steve Mestdagh (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: s_mestdagh

This magical, carpeted room was filled with old paperback novels, plastic-sealed hardcover storybooks, musty encyclopedias...all smelled different and yet similarly delicious.

1. Your Special Bedtime Companion

If you had one, its scent was sure to make you feel safe and sound.

Another smell that'll bring you back? Picture opening a fresh box of Froot Loops®. Bam — you're there.