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The 15 Most Relatable Feelings You Get When On Instagram

The 15 kinds of feelings we all get on Instagram, because let's face it, this happens to all of us.

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1. How you feel when your best friend likes and comments on all of your photos. That's why she's your best friend. She's got your back.

2. How you feel when the cute boy you have a crush on follows you back. Or even better, he follows you first.

3. How you feel when you're stalking your ex's new girlfriend's page and accidentally like her photo from 47 weeks ago. You weren't even following her. Cringe.

4. How you feel when you've had enough of a certain someone's (ahem ahem) annoying posts so you decide it's finally time to unfollow them. And it was the best decision of your life. Your timeline never looked so beautiful.

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5. How you feel when your girl friends all comment the nicest things on your post. Your momma always told you to pick supportive friends, you know they got your back. Even on your grainy unfiltered photos.

6. How you feel when a certified user follows you back. You feel so cool. And happy. *Holds back tears of joy*

7. How you feel when you see drama unfold, and find out that someone isn't following someone anymore. Even better when you know all the dirty details of the story.

8. How you feel when you tell your best friend (multiple times) that the guy who was sliding into their DMs was bad news all along. They didn't believe you and it turns out you were right.

9. How you feel when you look to God for help because you can't believe how gullible some people are on Instagram. No, liking a photo won't give you 100 new followers.

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10. How you feel when you post a selfie that makes you feel better than Beyonce and Rihanna combined. *"How to Be a Heartbreaker" by Marina & the Diamonds plays in the background*

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11. How you feel when you accidentally watch someone's story that you're not even following.

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12. How you feel when your best friend comments the nicest thing on your selfie. D'awww love you too gurl.

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13. How you feel when one of those spam accounts tries to follow you. No thank you.

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14. How you feel when you're showing a friend a picture of your crush from 84 weeks ago and they accidentally like it.


15. How you feel when you find out that your friend unfollowed you. *Tries to hold back anger* I thought we were friends.

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