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Bob Dylan Hauled Off to Chokey by Accident

Back in 1965, world-famous musician Bob Dylan sang: "How does it feel to be on your own, with no direction home, like a complete unknown?" Now, 44 years later, he got his answer when he was hauled off to the chokey by a 22-year-old police officer who had no idea who he was.

More Crazy Wedding Proposals: The Whisper Chain (Video)

Just when you thought people were running out of nutty ideas for wedding proposals...Fear not! This time around, the would-be groom sent his "Will you marry me?" by whisper chain, through a roomful of 59 total strangers, before the unsuspecting target of his affection finally got a message from the last person on the whisper chain. So, did people pass on the right message, or totally screw it up? And did she say "Yes!" or run away screaming? You can watch the video, if you're curious!

Twitter Presents: Fred Durst Gets Hitched in Vegas

Well, guess who just did a little sightseeing and a show and, oh, got married in Vegas? Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst did the deed in Vegas (Jul. 16, 2009), marrying Esther Nazarov, and broke the news on Twitter, saying: "Life is so much better knowing I have a wonderful wife and family. I love being married and I am the luckiest man alive to be so in love. Took me 38 years and was absolutely worth the wait. Every path has led me here. I'm hers, she's mine, forever."

What a Lovely Day for an Orgy

Employees at Halswell House, a 17th-century manor house were used to hosting corporate events and elegant weddings. So when the 350 masked guests stripped off at the stroke of midnight and launched into a bacchanalian smorgasbord, there was a bit of trouble sorting out just...what to say. "We were terribly naïve," says Halswell House owner Graham Bond. "The organizers were very polite and well-spoken. Perhaps the alarm bells should have rung when they asked for a chill-out room filled with beds and silk sheets, but we thought they were going for a Moroccan feel and might want mint tea or something."

News Coverage: Michael Jackson Public Memorial

Pop singer Michael Jackson, who died on Jun. 25, 2009, was remembered by millions of fans worldwide on Tues., July 8. The public memorial, held at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, was watched by millions around the world. The memorial service closed with a goodbye from Michael's daughter Paris (video).

Rihanna's Star-Spangled Nipples

Singer Rihanna has some friends she'd like you to meet. Hello! Yes, she was out celebrating Independence Day with her star-spangled nipples, long may they wave. Maybe it makes a strange kind of sense, if you think about it. Or not.

Liz Taylor Refuses to Attend Michael Jackson Memorial

Plans for Michael Jackson's private funeral at Forest Lawn Cemetery and a ticketed public memorial at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles have turned the pop star's recent death (June 25, 2009) into his very last big show, but one of the women closest to him during his life is turning her back on the media circus.

Sarah Palin, Adam Lambert, George Lopez Join Twitter

And, for folks trying to keep up with who's who and who's real on Twitter, here are some new visitors to Twitter, if you'd like to see what they're up to, now: Politico Sarah Palin (@AKGovSarahPalin), American Idol star Adam Lambert (@adamlambert), and comedian/actor George Lopez (@georgelopez)

Report: Michael Jackson Leaves Custody of Kids to His Mum, 79 -- Or Diana Ross

Pop phenomenon Michael Jackson, who died last week (Jun. 25), has left custody of his kids to his elderly mother Katherine, 79, according to his will, lodged today with a Los Angeles court. However, the will also stipulates that if Katherine died before Michael did, or became incapacitated, singer Diana Ross would become their legal guardian.

Retired Boxer, 72, Kicks Would-Be Attacker's Ass

A knife-wielding attacker got the shock of his life when he went after 72-year-old Frank Corti in a home invasion -- he didn't know that the victim was a retired boxer. Gregory McCalium, 23, came out much the worse for the wear, as seen in his police mugshot.

Report: Farrah Fawcett Dies at 62

Actress Farrah Fawcett has reportedly lost her battle with cancer. The 1970s icon known equally for popular TV series "Charlie's Angels," her feathered hair and her stormy love life, died this morning (June 25) after a long struggle with rectal cancer, Entertainment Tonight reports. She was 62.

Rachel Hunter's Hockey Hubby-to-be Makes a Run for It

Model Rachel Hunter woke up to a shockeroo the other day, as fiance Jarret Stoll cancelled their wedding just seven weeks before they were due to walk down the aisle. The pro hockey player decided to call the whole thing off by emailing everyone on their guest list, telling them the August 14 nuptials are a no-go.

Ed McMahon Dies at 86

Ed McMahon has died at the age of 86. The genial actor, pitchman, host of U.S. TV series "Star Search" and Johnny Carson sidekick who's "Heeeeeeerre's Johnny!" became a part of pop culture, passed away peacefully in his sleep at the Ronald Reagan/UCLA Medical Center shortly after midnight early Tuesday (June 23).