22 Signs You Grew Up In Suffolk

Because there’s a little part of you that will forever be Anglian.

1. Nothing gets you up in the morning like a seaside sunrise…

Flickr: omcoc / Via ed_needs_a_bicycle

And the smug knowledge that you’re the first in the country to see it.

2. …or the sweet, sweet smell of sugar factory fumes wafting across the countryside.

Flickr/DerekL / Via Flickr: derekl

Because nothing beats the stench of beet.

3. You think this is ‘on the huh’.

Flickr: mdpettitt / Via Flickr / Martin Pettitt

4. You might add extra syllables to words when none are needed. And say your ‘i’s as ‘oi’.

Via Apple/Francis Whittaker

It may just be the odd word…

…or entire phrases.

5. One of the worst things anyone can do is “accidentally” say you’re from Norfolk.

6. You were basically weaned on these drinks…

7. …and you knew about Copella apple juice before it went all lamestream.

ocado.com / Via Ocado

8. During your formative years, a ‘big night out’ would inevitably end up in one of these places.

scontent-b-cdg.xx.fbcdn.net / Via Liquid Envy/Facebook

Ah, Zest. Such memories. A much-missed temple of teenage grinding.

9. You believe these men should be sainted.

Flickr: chelmsfordblue / Via Flickr / Chelmsfordblue
Flickr/Chelmsfordblue / Via Flickr: chelmsfordblue

10. This was, and will always remain, one of the greatest days of the 20th century.

Mike Stephens/Central Press / Getty

11. You’re one of the few people in Britain who’ll passionately refute the suggestion that Delia Smith is a national treasure.

Jan Kruger / Getty

Great casseroles. Terrible, terrible taste in football teams.

12. And this will never, ever, be not funny.

13. This is what a REAL wall looks like.

upload.wikimedia.org / Via Wikimedia Commons/Geograph

We’re the county with the crinkliest, crankliest walls on planet Earth, and proud of it.

14. You’ve caught crabs.

Flickr: mdpettitt / Via Flickr / Martin Pettitt

…most likely in Walberswick.

15. You’ll passionately jump to the defence of Aldeburgh when someone has the audacity to suggest that somewhere else might be home to ‘Britain’s best fish and chips’…

16. …and you’d queue for hours on end just to get them.

Flickr: mdpettitt / Via Flickr / Martin Pettitt

Mmmm, that’s good eating.

17. There are minimal degrees of separation between you and these celebrities.

charliesimpsonmusic.com / Via charliesimpsonmusic

Your mum’s colleague’s sister might regularly bump into Charlie from Busted’s* mum in the Woodbridge branch of Budgens, or your auntie’s best friend could have once re-sequinned a pre-fame Justin Hawkins’ catsuit in Yoxford in the early noughties. However tenuous your connection, you’re proud of it.

(*sorry, Charlie from Fightstar**)
(**sorry, Charlie Simpson, solo artist in his own right)

18. These people spent so much time in your living room as you were growing up they may as well have been your adoptive parents.


Sure, this goes for all of the BBC Look East region, but we’re happy to share them as our telly mum and dad.

19. You get fed up whenever outsiders make the inevitable ‘Suffolk = inbred’ jokes.

20. Although you’re happy to make ‘inbred’ jokes at the expense of our friends in the county to the north.

upload.wikimedia.org / Via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Heheheh. Oh, Norfolk.

21. You might think this is the greatest place on earth…

Flickr: mdpettitt / Via Martin Pettitt

…or this…

Flickr: mdpettitt / Via Flickr / Martin Pettitt

…heck, even this.

themeuk.net / Via themeuk

22. But, wherever you go…

Flickr: karen_roe / Via Karen Roe

…the rural flatlands will ALWAYS whisper ‘home.’

Flickr: ugardener / Via UGardner

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