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22 Signs You Grew Up In Suffolk

Because there's a little part of you that will forever be Anglian.

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11. You're one of the few people in Britain who'll passionately refute the suggestion that Delia Smith is a national treasure.

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Your mum's colleague's sister might regularly bump into Charlie from Busted's* mum in the Woodbridge branch of Budgens, or your auntie's best friend could have once re-sequinned a pre-fame Justin Hawkins' catsuit in Yoxford in the early noughties. However tenuous your connection, you're proud of it.

(*sorry, Charlie from Fightstar**)

(**sorry, Charlie Simpson, solo artist in his own right)

18. These people spent so much time in your living room as you were growing up they may as well have been your adoptive parents.


Sure, this goes for all of the BBC Look East region, but we're happy to share them as our telly mum and dad.

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