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14 Things Cats Just Can't Get Enough Of

If the Internet has proved anything, it's that humans can't get enough of cats. Well, there's plenty that cats can't get enough of either. And if you haven't gotten enough of these cats, check out more and vote for the best new Internet cat videos of 2013 at The Friskies!

1. Water

2. Boxes

3. Food

4. Little red dots

5. Sleeping

6. Petting

7. Balls

8. Birds

9. Toilet paper

10. Paper

11. Belly rubs

(Okay, maybe sometimes it's enough with those.)

12. Balloons

13. Mirrors

14. Any thing on any other thing

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These cats either can't get enough or they've had enough—and if you still haven't gotten enough of 'em, head over to The Friskies and vote for the new best Internet cat.