15 Cats That Are Cuter Than Their Celebrity Dopplegangers

While hearing that you look like a celebrity will certainly make your day, hearing that you look like a cat may not. But hey, at least THESE cats are pretty dang cute.

1. Michelle Bachmann vs. This Cat

2. Brock vs. This Cat

3. Tom Daley vs. This Cat

4. The Most Interesting Man in the World vs. This Cat

5. Paul Newman vs. This Cat

6. Daniel Craig vs. This Cat

7. Nick Offerman vs. This Cat

8. Gene Simmons vs. This Cat

9. Donald Trump vs. This Cat

10. Jocelyn Wildenstein vs. This Cat

11. Simon Cowell vs. Grumpy Cat

12. Thom Yorke vs. This Cat

13. Darth Vader vs. This Cat

14. William Shatner vs. This Cat

15. David Bowie vs. This Cat

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