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The Greatest Moments From Friends As 8-Bit GIFs

Friends is undoubtedly one of the greatest shows known to man. But you know what would make it even greater? In honour of the 20th anniversary we took the greatest moments - and turned them into 8-Bit GIFs. Watch Friends daily from 5pm on Comedy Central.

10. The one where Chandler and Joey enter their new apartment

9. The one where Phoebe sings Smelly Cat

8. The one with 'The Routine'

7. The one where Monica puts a turkey on her head

6. The one where the guys take a break from packing

5. The one where Joey hides in a box

4. The one where the gang plays American Football

3. The one with the prom video

2. The one with Ross’ fake tan

1. The one where Joey lunges