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26 Jan 2017

26 Quirky Things Aussies Are Weirdly Proud Of

Grab a Chiko and get involved.

1. Australia invented this legendary one-handed snack for the sole purpose of having a cold beer in the other.

2. We're a nation where ordinary possums from Moonee Ponds become megastars.

3. And Toad-ally good neighbours become good friends.

4. The native ibis – or "bin chicken" – is our criminally underrated flamingo. Long may they rummage.

5. Australia is the only country in the world you can legit find fossilised rainbow dinosaurs (aka opals).

6. And South Australia is the only state in the world where Coca Cola isn't the number one selling drink; it's a Farmers Union Iced Coffee, or it's nothin'.

7. Tiny prawn-like creatures lie dormant in the central Australian desert, coming back to life after rainfall.

8. Meanwhile, in Ballina, the Big Prawn surveys its kingdom. "Everything The Light Touches, Simba".

9. These guys basically ran parliament for 30 years.

10. Before this guy took over.

11. Australian architecture is renowned for its sophisticated elegance.

12. And our sporting prowess is the stuff of international legend.

13. Australians really know how to have a Gay ol' Time.

14. And live life with Passion.

15. These places actually exist. Google them.

16. A felt giraffe hiding in a van unleashes the facts of life onto generations of unsuspecting Australian children.

17. The Australian media is notoriously fair and representative of the population's interests and wellbeing.

18. Australia is home to unique wildlife you will never "tyre" of.

19. Everyone smells like this for reals.

20. And dresses like this before hopping to work on a kangaroo.

21. This is how we deal with conflict.

22. And this is the local dialect for, well, just about all the other words in the English language.

23. Australia is a nation of pioneers and inventors, proudly exporting superior goods of the highest quality to the world – like the famous "silver pillow".

24. We are truly a land of milk and honey chicken.

25. No other sky in the world looks as vast, desolate and beautiful as the one Down Under.

26. And there's literally a giant red heart at the centre of the continent.

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