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    7 Reasons Why Cristina Yang Should Come Back To Seattle...


    1. Owen

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    He's seriously thinking about the fact that a wife and a husband can be a family without having children and that was THE problem with Cristina. So, thank you Amelia for helping Owen understanding it, now he doesn't need you anymore... but everybody needs Cristina.

    2. Meredith

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    Her person did a hit-and-run for her husband's death. Maybe she was busy cause she's the cardio god she always wanted and deserved to be, we get it and we forgive it... but they're Meredith and Cristina, they have to dance it out together!

    3. Maggie

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    She just lost her mum and everybody think she's about to crack, if only there was a great cardio surgeon that could look out for her, people would chill and stop doubt Maggie, avoiding that she actually cracks.

    4. Fellows and Residents

    ABC / Via

    Considering how much they're paying for their training and considering that, the second Eliza Minnick walked through the hospital, all of our beloved attendings went mad, forgetting their teaching job to focus on hospital's politic, maybe the program could use a serious professional that teaches something while everybody else's dealing with the civil war.

    5. Women

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    Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital has some great surgeons, it also has some great female surgeons, it isn't by chance that Sheperd's Head of Neuro, Robbins is Head of Fetal Surgery, Pierce's Head of Cardio, Grey's Head of General Surgery and Bailey's Chief of Surgery. But the first, true and real feminist is the one and only Cristina Yang, she belongs in this hospital.

    6. Cristina

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    She left behind everything and everybody, but, even if sometimes she seems heartless, she's not. She must miss her home, her friends... something! So she probably want to come back, let's make her happy!

    7. Fans

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    We just miss her. So much. That's it, I sad it.

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