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    The 2 Products You Need For Your Car In 2018

    By now, you must have heard of them! They have made their way into almost every car in America! With millions of buyers and millions of social media shares, this product is as viral as they get!

    The fanatic popularity has gotten these products featured in some of the biggest publications in the world and it’s not slowing down.

    What product are we talking about?

    The Magnet Mount! The best invention for the car since GPS. It’s mind blowing how viral these products have gone and the thousands of positive reviews they’ve gotten already.

    People just love how simple they are to use and how sleek with look. They are so much better than all the clunky window mounts people can’t stand.

    Let’s take a closer look at the 2 products in the spotlight...

    1. Magnet Mount Ultra Vent

    This product has well over 7 millions views on social media and thousand of positive comments.

    It’s gorgeously designed and works like magic. You just attach the thin magnetic sticker to the back of your phone, clip the mount into your vent and boom! You have the best mount for your phone ever created!

    That is, until now! Because the Magnet Mount 3.0 is finally here.

    2. The Wireless Charging Magnet Mount

    Out of all the things people said they didn’t like about the old mount. Wireless charging was the biggest problem. Why? Because everyone wants to ditch the annoying cords for good so they never have to fumble with them ever again! Plus who doesn’t want a fully charged phone every day all day! That’s when the Magnet Mount 3.0 was born and it’s becoming an overnight viral sensation. The prelaunch sold out the first day and it’s quickly becoming one of the most

    in-demand products of 2018.

    The people behind this viral trend? The founders Cooper Weiss and Gavi n Dantez. Cooper Weiss has a track recorded for catching viral trends, as he was one of the brains behind the Fidget spinner movement that blew up worldwide. At 19 years old, He’s been featured on Forbes and many of the top magazine and news channels on the planet. Gavin Dantez is known as one of the top direct response marketers who has mastered the art of paid traffic. He’s also

    been called the king of conversions for his unheard-of ROI methods.


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