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This New Trend In Thailand Will Freak You Out

It's pretty damn weird.

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There is a VERY freaky trend buzzing in Thailand at the moment which is starting to get attention from people from other countries too.

It's a doll. / Via

It's a doll.

Known as "Angel's Children", these dolls aren't your ordinary toys - they are magical ones.

They are said to have been "called to life" by monks. They start off as normal dolls until a monk casts a spell on them which invites the angels from above to come down and live in the doll. This activates their souls, giving them a mind of their own.

PostJung / Via

"They are alive".

People who have adopted one of these dolls have claimed that it has brought happiness, money and health to their families. Some have even claimed that the dolls can laugh, smile, blink, cry at night and even grow larger as they get older. How creepy is that?

These dolls are often worshiped as "good luck" charms.
ThaiMarketing / Via

These dolls are often worshiped as "good luck" charms.

Made from premium, imported materials only, they can cost as much as $1,500.

Due to their extremely high price tag, they are reserved as a status symbol for the wealthy.

ChildsAngel / Via

They must be treated like living infants.

Because they are sacred, they need to be taken care of like you would with a real baby. These dolls need to be fed proper, adult-sized meals three times a day. They also need sleep in a quiet place and toys to play with.

MThai / Via

They have birth certificates.

Yep, you heard me right. Since they are believed to be living beings, they also have birth certificates when they are adopted.

Wow2Mouth / Via

You can buy plane tickets for them.

If one wishes to bring their "Angel's Child" abroad, they must also buy a separate seat for the doll. Their tickets can be pricier than an adult's on some airlines.

Manager Thailand / Via

Thai Smile Airlines has created special seats for them.

SpringNews / Via

The seats are pretty darn pricey.

AskHanuman / Via

People are opening schools for them.

People are sending them to schools. These schools teach regular subjects like maths, science and English. Some schools even offer music and programming courses for these dolls. The school bill is even pricier than the average school for real children.

OK Nation / Via

Many doll parents are investing in music lessons.

Yes, you can even teach your doll how to play the violin for $95/hour.
TNews / Via

Yes, you can even teach your doll how to play the violin for $95/hour.

Best of all: you can buy a buffet course for them!

Many restaurants in Thailand are now offering buffet courses for these "living" dolls. And as always, it comes with a hefty price.

Manager Thailand / Via

Some people are extremely angry over all this.

Plenty of people, both locals and foreigners, are very much against this. Campaigners who are speaking out about poverty in Thailand are outraged.

Amarin TV / Via

"You are treating the dead better than the living."

"There are millions of poor, abandoned children who desperately need a family. Why don't you adopt a child instead?" a man said. "You can at least donate the money to a charity so that a child will actually benefit from it," he continued, "there are homeless children out there who will actually eat the food, actually play with the toys, actually learn from school, actually enjoy the vacations and most importantly, will actually love you."

"You are treating the dead better than the living", he finally said.

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