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    15 Things Only Vapers Will Understand

    Here are 15 things that only vapers will understand...

    1. Feeling smug whilst smokers are outside


    and you're inside vaping.

    2. Tasting a new e-liquid for the first time...


    And loving it...

    3. Tasting a new e-liquid for the first time...


    and hating it...

    4. Realising you've accidentally left your e cig at home...


    5. People asking to you use your device on a night out


    and feeling like a god...

    6. Running out of your favourite e-liquid

    7. Your battery running out and having no way of charging...


    So. un. fair.

    8. Being told you've missed a discount code/sale by your favourite brand



    9. Hearing that the venue you're in allows vaping...

    10. Being the only one in your friendship group to master the art of blowing vape rings


    Like. A. Boss

    11. But you know there's always someone better than you at it...


    like G dawwgg...

    12. Buying a new product as soon as it comes out and being all...


    Yup. I rule.

    13. Then seeing your friend has got the EXACT same one already


    for less money.

    14. Somone who has just told you that they're ill asks to use your e cig

    Via Disney

    15. Realising how much money you've saved by switching from tobacco cigarettes


    Happy, happy, happy.

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