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We Ranked The Top 11 Transferable Skills Camp Counselors Can Easily Add To Their Résumé

The challenges you face, problems you solve, and campers you inspire as a counselor are all building blocks toward your future. Learn more about how you can be a camp counselor with The Fresh Air Fund!

11. Learning how to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

A woman instructs a young girl in archery beside a lake, both in casual attire

10. Leading a group of people on the fly.

A group of children in brightly colored vests participate in an outdoor team activity, raising hands to answer a question

9. Communicating across generations without breaking a sweat.

Group of children engaged in a card game at an outdoor table

8. Mastering the art of mediation and conflict resolution.

Group of people participating in an outdoor team-building activity

7. Stepping up as the go-to first aid and safety person.

Two people high-fiving outdoors near buildings and trees

6. Turning challenging situations into productive solutions.

Two people smiling and hugging each other outside; they are wearing casual T-shirts

5. Embracing the spotlight to capture the attention of any audience.

Group of people holding a "WELCOME" banner and cheering outdoors near trees and a building

4. Building personal and professional networks so you never have to cold-email a stranger.

Group of six smiling friends standing outside near a cabin in casual attire

3. Navigating interpersonal relationships with individuals from different backgrounds.

Group of seven friends arm in arm standing outdoors with trees in the background

2. Juggling people, projects, and wellness like a pro taskmaster.

Two girls happily engaging in a painting activity at a table with other children in the background

1. Managing your time while flying solo and as part of a larger team.

Group of smiling youths in blue Fresh Air Fund t-shirts joining hands in camaraderie

Being a camp counselor stacks your résumé with valuable skills! Learn more about applying to be a camp counselor and having a fun and exciting summer with The Fresh Air Fund!