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10 Reasons Summer Camp Is An Essential Experience, Especially For City Kids

Join The Fresh Air Fund and help provide free life-changing summer experiences in the outdoors to more than 1.8 million children from New York City’s underserved communities.

1. Summer camp helps kids form a connection with nature.

Kids hiking

2. Camp helps build friendships and social connections.

Two girls with their arms around each other

3. Summer camp is chock-full of screen-free activities.

Girls practicing archery

4. And it encourages kids to become and stay active.

Group of teens jumping off a dock into a lake

5. They also learn leadership skills.

Kids playing a game

6. It also promotes independence...

Girl holding a paint brush with a butterfly sitting on it

7. ...and teamwork.

Kids playing giant chess

8. Kids learn to respect differences.

Kids playing tug of war

9. Summer camp keeps kids intellectually stimulated.

Kids sitting together in the woods

10. It's an experience they'll remember of the rest of their lives.

Group of teens in a Circle

Visit The Fresh Air Fund and learn how you can help kids experience summer camp.

Images via The Fresh Air Fund.