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What Your Favorite Viral Video Says About You

The videos you watch can say a lot about you. Learn what it all means here. And to watch even more Internet videos all in one spot, download Frequency for iPad and iPhone. It's the best place to see what videos your friends are sharing on social media. Download it here.

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1. Nyan Cat / Via

How you see yourself: Kawaii beyond all belief.

How others see you: Annoying beyond all belief.

But in your defense: Space and rainbows and Poptarts and cats are lovely things. You're a cheerful person who doesn't mind sharing it the world. Own it.

2. Double Rainbow / Via

How you see yourself: Lover of all things beautiful and hilarious at the same time.

How others see you: Easily amused by silly things.

But in your defense: How many times in one person's life do they see a double rainbow? Yosemitebear's response is the perfect reaction to this splendid earth. It's so beautiful indeed. Keep enjoying nature.

GIF via GifBin

3. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Or Rickrolling) / Via

How you see yourself: Epic mega troll to the max!

How others see you: You are so irritating. They're not fooled by this joke anymore.

But in your defense: Rickrolling is a classic meme, and quite frankly, it will never get old. Shame on them for falling for it again!

GIF via GifBin

4. David After Dentist / Via

How you see yourself: Hip on Internet culture! You've seen a video that's gone viral!

How others see you: Not hip. You're probably a mom who saw this video 5 years too late.

But in your defense: Seeing a kid post-dentist is hilarious! Drugs make you act funny, mmmkay?

GIF via Photobucket

5. I Like Turtles / Via

How you see yourself: A normal person who doesn't do anything too weird or extreme.

How others see you: You are unremarkable and not memorable.

But in your defense: This is a video that anybody can get behind. So what if everybody else liked it too?

GIF via Tumblr

6. Numa Numa / Via

How you see yourself: A studly man who gets the ladies.

How others see you: A weird person who wears fedoras.

But in your defense: This is a classic viral video. You like the classics, my friend, and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

GIF via GIFsoup

7. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That / Via

How you see yourself: A meme expert. A culturally savvy individual.

How others see you: Like every other person on the Internet. What you do is very cliché.

But in your defense: "Ain't nobody got time for that" is a good catch phrase. And can be used for so many things. Run with it.

GIF via Tumblr

8. Prancercise / Via

How you see yourself: A trend setter and an internet addict.

How others see you: An internet addict (but that only).

But in your defense: Somebody's got to be up to date on the latest viral videos! B-grade videos like this were meant to be shared.

GIF via Reaction GIFs

9. Leave Britney Alone / Via

How you see yourself: Maybe not Britney's number one fan, but you're up there.

How others see you: Too shallow and pop culture obsessed.

But in your defense: Okay, people were being MEAN to Britney. Chris Crocker has a point. Also, what's wrong with loving pop culture? To each their own.

GIF via Tumblr

10. Rebecca Black - Friday / Via

How you see yourself: So cultured, because you like it ironically.

How others see you: Extremely obnoxious.

But in your defense: Yes, Rebecca Black is so bad, it's good. But watch this in private, please. For the sake of other people's ears!

GIF via Tumblr

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