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Paid PostPosted on Aug 7, 2013

10 Tips On How To Internet Better

How do I Internet? Let the experts show you how. And to watch all your favorite Internet videos in one spot, check out Frequency for iPad and iPhone. It's an awesome app that allows you to see what videos your friends are sharing on social media. Download it here.

1. Buy your airplane tickets on "incognito" or "private" mode.

Lifemaestro / Via

Airfare websites tend to make ticket prices higher if they see you've visited the website more than once. Solve this problem by checking out prices in private mode.

2. Let the Internet work for you.

IFTTT is an easy way to create automatic tasks using the "if this, then that" formula.

For example, if somebody tags a photo of you on Instagram, and you want to automatically download it to your Dropbox, you would set up the formula

If "[MyUserName] gets tagged on Instagram," then "add file from URL to my Dropbox."

3. Learn to search better.


Don't ask your search box questions! You will get nowhere with "Why don't girls like me?" Use these useful tips to get more out of your search.

4. Clean up your Inbox with this nifty app.

Mailstrom organizes your email, and helps you figure out what you should archive/delete. You'll be at Inbox Zero in no time!

5. Delete the novel you accidentally wrote... quickly!


Use CTRL+Backspace to delete one word at a time instead of one letter at a time. It saves you a little bit more time to type something... more appropriate.

6. Convert virtually any file you want with this online converter.

Need to convert an mp4 to an mp3? Want to turn that word document into a PDF? This website is for you. Try it out at

7. Save things to your Dropbox with email.

Need to upload something to your Dropbox on the go? Use Send To Dropbox to send things to the cloud via an email attachment.

8. Sign documents on your smartphone or tablet.

Sign Easy is a cool app that let's you sign documents digitally. No more scanning and faxing signatures!

9. Avoid spam with 10 Minute Mail. Beth Kanter / Via Flickr: cambodia4kidsorg

This website gives you a temporary email address for all the things you don't want to sign up for. You're welcome.

10. Learn some keyboard shortcuts.


Keyboard shortcuts are simple ways to work more efficiently on the web.

Accidentally close a tab on your browser? Press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen.

Open a new tab in your browser? Ctrl+T.

Check out this website for many more shortcuts.

And watch all your videos in one spot.

Frequency is an awesome app that allows you to watch videos from anywhere on the Internet in one place. It even allows you to see in real time all the videos your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Download it here for iPad and iPhone.