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5 Funny Ideas For Beautiful Gift Certificates

Here are some nice ideas for gift cards.

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1. Create A Card-igan

If you have a friend or a loved one who is just bonkers for winter time and sweater season, they will get a belly full of laughs out of a miniature cardigan sweater created specifically to fit over a gift card you created for them. I hope you're a crafty knitter because this gift requires a little bit of time, an introductory knowledge of knitting, and a handful of craft store materials.

Go to websites like Gift Certificates Net, or 123certificates, or check out Pinterest to get your own printable gift certificates.

What makes this gift great is how customizable it is. You can choose their favorite color for the yarn. You can also glue on accessories such as rhinestones, sequins, ribbons, bells, or any other cute and funny addition. If your loved one owns a cat, consider hot gluing a tiny plastic cat figurine on it so that their gift can resemble their real-life struggle of having a cat that loves to lay on their clothing.

2. Hide the Card In Candy

For the ravenous loved one with a sweet tooth, hiding their gift certificate in a jar full of their favorite candy is both genius and hilarious. Your loved one will probably be thrilled just to be handed a jar full of candy, but when they reach deep enough inside for a handful of candy only to squeeze that gift card, they won't be able to keep themselves from chuckling and shaking their heads. Take it a step further and decorate the jar with bows and ribbons made of fake money. They won't understand why a jar full of candy is decorated so lavishly.

3. Put the Gift Certificate In A Wallet

This is a way to hide their gift in plain sight for a big chuckle later on. While any gift is appreciated, purchasing someone a wallet when they may not need one is kind of a lackluster gift. Your loved one might not think too much of that wallet until they open it and see that you already took the liberty of filling it with a couple of gift cards.

4. Snowglobe Giftcard Holder

This can be a cute and funny way to present a gift card to someone. This will require some creativity and time, but the result will be entirely worth the effort. With an empty jar, hot glue gun, a gift card, water, glitter, and accessories, you can create a beautiful homemade snowglobe with the centerpiece being their gift card. The card will be easy to access as they simply have to set the jar on its bottom, unscrew the lid, and wiggle the card free from the hot glue adhesion.

5. Box of Gift Cards and Cash

It is very common to gift someone a box of chocolates during the holidays, but if you're feeling mischievous and creative, try something different with that box of chocolates. Eat all of the chocolates, but keep the paper cups in which they sat. Fill those paper cups with folded $1, $5, and $10 bills along with a few gift cards. When they open the box, they won't get the chocolate they were hoping for, but they'll get enough money to buy their own chocolate instead which is kind of the same thing. At least, that's how you can explain it to them when they get upset that you ate all of the chocolate.

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