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13 Festive Ways To Gift A Bottle This Holiday Season

Spread the cheer. Make your season extra merry by sharing Freixenet Cava with friends and fam.

1. Make it part of a Christmas morning kit with PJs and fruit to enjoy while opening presents:

What's nicer than bubbly, PJs, and gifts?

2. Going to an ugly Christmas sweater party? Outfit your bottles with their own sweaters made out of holiday socks:

Why shouldn't your bottle get in on the fun?

3. Gift a bottle for each of the 12 days of Christmas:

If you're feeling *extra* generous, go for the full advent calendar.

4. Elegantly decorate bottle tops with ornaments, holly, and ribbon:

A little extra sparkle makes all the difference.

5. Or take a more playful approach and make them Rudolph-adorable:

Perfect for all your *deer* friends.

6. Include the bottle as part of a full-on cocktail kit:

This way you're gifting more than a bottle — it's a whole event.

7. Deliver it to friends and neighbors paired with a plate of homemade holiday cookies:

Bubbly > eggnog, any day.

8. Hide it somewhere sneaky with your Elf-on-the-Shelf:

Finders keepers!

9. Wrap the bottles up entirely in festive ribbons:

Who needs paper?

10. Use stencils and glitter spray to coat your bottles in sparkling frost:

Wintry, wonderful, and unique.

11. Slip it into a stocking for Christmas-morning mimosas:

Thank you, Santa!

12. Write messages on the bottle with metallic markers:

If you've got an artistic side, you can make these bottles into perfect keepsakes with pictures, poems, and messages.

13. And add some mistletoe if you're giving it to someone extra special:


All images provided by Freixenet Cava.

Happiest of holidays! Raise a glass to the best time of the year with Freixenet Cava.