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9 Ways To Stay Healthy For (Almost) Free

Being healthy doesn't have to mean being broke. The Freelancers Medical program partners you with a health coach to make a personalized plan, incorporating unconventional ways to stay healthy that don’t break the bank.

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Eat Smart

You don’t need an expensive juice cleanse to maintain a healthy diet. Here are a few simple alternatives to jumpstart your system and save you some cash.

1. Sample the farmer’s market.

There’s no junk food to tempt overspending and less wasteful packaging. Plus, those vendor stands usually give out free samples that are better than any grocery aisle. Try something new and get inspired to cook with fresh produce.

2. Have a spoonful of local honey every day.

Local wildflower honey is a traditional remedy for seasonal allergies. There is not a lot of large scientific published studies to back this up, but plenty of anecdotal evidence. It’s worth a try for a less expensive alternative to over-the-counter relief.

3. Write down everything you eat and how it makes you feel for the next three days.

What you put in your body makes a difference. Monitor the ups and downs of what you eat and share with your doctor so you can start to plan healthy habits together.

Be a Sociable Homebody

Save the money you would spend going out on the town and invite your friends over for a dinner party, potluck brunch, or good old-fashioned hang out.

4. (Good) friends don’t cost money.

Turns out hanging with your friends is not just a fun way to recap Seinfeld episodes. Social relationships actually reduce stress and boost healthy habits.

5. Dance in your living room.

Speaking of socializing, everyone will love your interpretive dance to Gangnam Style. Movement is healthy for body and spirit, and the music always plays for free in your apartment.

6. Use your kitchen (for cooking).

Space may be at a premium, especially in tiny apartments, but your shoes and sweaters don’t belong in the oven. Take that produce from the farmer’s market and wow your guests with a delicious home-cooked meal.

Exercise Without a Gym

Gym memberships are expensive and time consuming. You can stay active and still live your life.

7. Take the stairs…sideways.

Avoiding the elevator is a great first (step). Discover all kinds of new and strange muscles when you walk up and down the stairs left- or right-side first. Just be sure your shoelaces are tied and there’s a handrail nearby.

8. Play recess games.

Being active used to be the best part of your school day, why not try the same games as an adult? Walk to the park and join a game in progress or grab friends and invent your own.

9. Power walk while you talk.

Whether taking a conference call or catching up with Grandma, take your [insert smartphone here] outside. Use that hands-free headset if you have it. Burn some calories while you chat!

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