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11 Awesome TV Doctors You Wish Were Real

Ever wish that cute and caring doc on TV would pop out and mend your wounds? The Freelancers Medical program partners you with a health team made up of real people who want to get to know you in order to give you the innovative care you deserve.

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1. Michaela Quinn, MD (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman)


Specialty: Trailblazing and Hand Dirtying

No doctor rocks the suede vest and frontierswoman attitude quite like Dr. Quinn. When the local influenza epidemic starts and the roads are blocked with snow, you’ll want this Medicine Woman to be answering your house call.

2. Christopher Turk, MD & J.D. Dorian, MD (Scrubs)


Specialty: Goofy Friendship, IRL and IYD (In Your Dreams)

Need some doctors and BFFs? Turk and JD conquer the hospital world with their affinity for elaborate fantasies, guy love, and dance moves.

3. Cliff Huxtable, MD (The Cosby Show)


Specialty: Face Maker and Family Man

Who can resist the cozy sweaters and those amazing opening credit dance moves? Here's hoping we can all hang out in his living room with Denise, Theo, Vanessa, Rudy and that other one.

4. Derek Shepherd, MD (Grey's Anatomy)


Specialty: Hair Full of Secrets

Dr. McDreamy could probably be the ultimate McDreamy wingman and attract droves of women with his McDreaminess, all while performing McDreamy brain surgery. Isn’t he dreamy?

6. Miranda Bailey, MD (Grey’s Anatomy)

Specialty: Bull S*** Police

Even when there’s a shooting, bus crash, odd groin injury, and infectious break-out all at once, Dr. Bailey is not cowering in the corner, sighing loudly about a hospital crush. She treats patients, rolls her eyes at the melodrama, and spits out hilarious nuggets of truth.

7. Gregory House, MD (House)


Specialty: Gruff Love

He’s nuts, but also solves impossible medical cases with impeccable timing. So on the days you have a rare African beetle lodged in your digestive tract and everyone thinks you have leukemia, he’ll be around to crack jokes.

8. Dana Scully, MD (The X-Files)


Specialty: ET

Find yourself...uh...lurking around some abandoned crash sites? Dr. Scully may not be a practicing physician, but she does have experience giving intense stares to criminals, aliens, and alien criminals.

9. Addison Montgomery, MD (Private Practice)


Specialty: One-On-One Relationship Maker

Dr. Montgomery knows what she’s doing, in case you’re in the baby-making market. She also has red hair, which, in TV language, means she’s a “fiery whippersnapper” and translates to so many sassy stares.

10. Doogie Howser, MD (Doogie Howser, M.D.)


Specialty: Naive Optimism and Boyish Charm

If only Al Gore had invented the internet in the early 90s, Doogie would have a blog full of #teenageproblems about juggling medicine and acne. Turns out, he’s also a good doctor (and that theme song could probably save lives.)

11. Doug Ross, MD (ER)

Specialty: Classic Charm

George Clooney, ahem, Doug Ross is everyone's favorite impassioned doc. Which has nothing to do with his handsome face. Definitely not because he’s handsome at all.

12. [BONUS] Leo Spaceman, “MD” (30 Rock)

Specialty: Tickling Your Funny Bone

What Dr. Spaceman lacks in actual skill or degrees from an accredited medical institution, he makes up for in...bizarre commitment? As long as he doesn’t have to operate on anyone, he’s great to keep around for a healthy dose of entertainment.

Doctors with charisma who genuinely care about their patients? Not just a shiny TV fiction. Freelancers Medical, a program of Freelancers Insurance Company, is building a health experience for freelancers, by freelancers, and focused on personal relationships.