The Power of Free Food on College Campuses

Why you need

1. You can justify midnight munchies when it’s free.

2. It’s only brain food if it’s free.

3. When you save money, procrastination is completely justifiable!

And, hey, you might learn something in the process.

4. It is not the freshman 15; it is just preparation for winter.

5. Free food means more money for other things.

Chipotle, Clothes, Jamba Juice, More Chipotle

6. Why spend all of your time on Tinder when…

you could use Tinder while eating free food?

7. Free food speaks in ways that words cannot.

Especially when bribed with Chipotle.

8. Change your club event attendance from this

to this with free food.

9. When you spend so much on tuition,

You are entitled to eat your tuition’s worth in free food.

10. Higher BMI, lower debt = less chance of becoming a stripper.

11. More incentive to learn about your college by attending events you wouldn’t have known about (or have cared to know about).

12. Pizza ALWAYS tastes better when it’s FREE.

13. Free food makes all Mondays bearable.

14. $7.99 for Netflix; $0 for food.

15. No more excuses about why you missed the free food!!!

You know where it is.

No need to comb the desert looking for it.

You know what it is.

The description tells you what food will be there!

And you know what time the free food event is at.

16. Winter is coming…

But the free food finder is already HERE!!!!!!!

Find free food now @

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