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    • freedoml

      To all of you who eat meat, that is, any kind of meat, you might has well give it up. For all of the complaining about tainted this, or poison that, YOU are responsible for what YOU eat. NOT your government. Governments and corporations have always and always will use YOU to make their money and maintain power over YOU! YOU allow them to do this by giving them the “responsibility” of monitoring what goes into your food, especially animal products! That’s like giving the fox the key to the hen house. Good luck with that. And if you think that your corporate governments will EVER change, well, then you dumber than the nearest rock. So. Get off the high and mighty “they owe me” syndrome because if you don’t YOU WILL DIE SLOW PAINFUL deaths! The demand for slaughter, torture and murder of animals is there because YOU have chosen to eat meat!! If that rotting flesh is poisoned with toxins, oh well, that’s the way it goes. It always HAS been this way! Haven’t you read about the disgusting places that your dead body parts come from and how tainted they are?? You just don’t want to believe it! You don’t want to believe your corporate governments would allow poisons to get into your burger! OMG…Unbelievable! Take responsibility for yourself in this criminally controlled world and stop acting like silly spoiled, uncontrollable, irresponsible little babies! YOU’RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE! Wake the hell up. You want it changed? Then have some gumption to change yourself and then things will fucking change. Damn.

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