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    • FreedomIsFreedom

      What does thinking someone is cute have to do with ANYTHING? It doesn’t mean you think he’s innocent or you’re sad that he’s in trouble with the law. It means you think he’s cute. I agree that we don’t need to share everything online that pops into our heads, but folks, we are way past that issue. Saying someone is cute is not a crime. The timing may be insensitive, at worst, but is not immoral or smear-worthy. What I am sad about is that we have grown into a people (not just America but all over) who feel the need to burp out everything that comes into our minds and that so many feel the need to hate what we don’t agree with. Ease up people. Those of you who are condemning someone for sharing a harmless though are perhaps worse than the person who shared it. Why do you feel the need to hate so easily? That is what saddens me.

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