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10 People Who Are Getting The Most Out Of Their Texts

Texting isn't just for communication, it's an ART.

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1. This person who is stuck in the '90s.

Jennifer Lopez / Via

2. This party animal.

teenlifeforteens / Via

3. This person who isn't very nice. :(

4. These geniuses who make the most out of their texting time.

whymissgrace / Via

5. Warning: spoiler alert.

furryfan101 / Via

6. The independent woman.

jayfabpage / Via Twitter: @JAYFABPAGE

7. Your mom who is obviously a big Papa Roach fan.

8. This texter who really understands the complexity of Ke$ha.

Mariah Lincoln / Via

9. This person who you wish you were best friends with.

jeremiahvkam / Via

10. And of course, the academic.

Because it's cool to be smart, duh.
Twitter: @DearGemmaJ

Because it's cool to be smart, duh.