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    • freddys2

      Yall aint said nuttin bout the kid who Todd shot. That is going to be a part of the finale. Don’t know how yet, but that kid is comin back one way or another. And for all yall saying Walt will confess, NO WAY. He loves the Kaiser Soze persona he created too much to ruin it with a lame confession. We know he doesn’t want power, we know he doesn’t need money or sex, so there is really only one thing left: REVENGE. But who is he going to get? Well, he doesn’t need an M60 for Lydia or Gray Matter geeks. Only stands to reason he is coming for the Natseez cuz he suspects Jesse is still with them and Jesse is the son of a %$%$# who Walt holds accountable for Hank;’s death, and the destruction of his family!!! JESSE is who Walt hates and is coming to kill. But he will run into the Natseez. And I envision an QT type standoff where all the thugs kill each other. Todd, Lydia, Walt, everyone. Dead. Except Jesse. Jesse tried to do the right thing, and he will be rewarded by Gilligan for that. because in the end Gilligan won’t have the balls to let the bad guy win. WATCH. Bet me

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