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18 Things Fashion Design Students/Designers Are Tired Of (Hearing)

Ask me to make your wedding dress one more time bih...

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17. "The state of the fashion industry..."

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We've got designers being pushed out after years of service. Designers being replaced after less than a year of service. Duos breaking off to go run separate fashion houses. Brands with no creative directors. Stylists and models having more influence than the people who hire them. Not to mention more celebrity designers than ever before. Fashion calendars being twist turned upside down...The current state of the industry is indicative of 2016...relentless, vindictive, and messy.

15. "The collection was inspired by a trip to Africa/Asia/the modern woman whose fearless/on the go/in the city/ Deconstruction..."

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Every Fashion Week Be Like.

Africa is not a country...and why are there cornrows and dreads but no black models on this runway?

Asia isn't only China...

Can we meet this woman? cause we've been hearing about her for the past 10+ years to no avail...

Frayed seams does not good fashion make.

14. "Can you make me clothes?"

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Can you afford handmade clothes?

H&M and Forever 21 are cute and cheap...they're also made in sweatshops and in fabrics that fall apart soooo that's the tradeoff...we don't work for free.

12. "Is cultural appropriation really THAT big of a deal?"

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As Queen Bey said: "Don't Hurt Yourself"

Racism, Cultural Appropriation, and Exploitation are problems in the industry that need to be called out, addressed, and worked on to overcome them. From modeling agencies refusing to represent more than one black or latinx model at a time, to all white runway shows, to lips, butts, boobs, and hair, to lack of representation in advertising and makeup, the industry knows where to find black folk when they need runway music and front row attendees, but not so much in visible positions of influence or leadership.

Name a black apparel designer with brick & and mortar stores in every major city.

I'll wait.

We're making good strides, when we could really be getting over this...Few things are accidental.

11. "Why are designers always in a t-shirt and jeans or all black? would think-"

We're busy.

10. "Interning/working for free is a rite of passage"

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For whatever reason the fashion industry is under the impression that designers are surgeons who need a couple of residencies before they're ready to start sketching some cute sweaters and overcoats.

There is a MASSIVE, unspoken problem within the industry of entry level jobs being subsidized by unpaid labor, school credit, "paid lunch", or a metro card.

22 year olds (with student loans) cannot afford to work full time for 2-3 years unpaid in major cities before getting what is considered an entry level job.


*Waits for CFDA to do anything to combat this*

9. *Makes two t-shirts* "Me and my buddy have a fashion line..."

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Fashion bros make the adage true: The Best and Worst Part About Fashion is that Anyone Can Be a Designer

Few things are more annoying than listening to someone who hasn't invested in the time, resources, education, or passion wanting to talk to you on the same level cause they were bored and had savings.

Worst part is that they'll probably rise in the industry faster than you cause it's what people can afford and consume and you're still clinging to artistic integrity.

8. "Why is this [insert article of clothing here] so expensive?! Does anyone really need it?"

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Do your parents need that 8 bedroom house for just the 3 of you? Do you need that $6 dollar coffee? Let's not pull that thread...

There's plenty of bullsh-t in pricing fashion but items made outside the US are either extremely cheap or extremely expensive. A fuchsia oversized Italian leather motorcycle jacket with embroidery on the back isn't something you can just pick off your local Ross rack...

"The Devil Wears Prada..."

20th Century Fox / Via


NO NOTES FOR THIS MASTERPIECE after the drag of all drags forced folks to shut their mouths about an industry that is considered merely decorative and not essential.


7. "How can celebrities afford all of those clothes?"

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*Whispers: they're borrowed*

Not as many people as you think can actually afford closets on closets of designer clothes and gowns.

If they're sample size usually they're getting some items as gifts but mostly loaned cause designers need the press cause >>Not as many people as you think can actually afford closets on closets of designer clothes and gowns.<>star gets stylist>>stylist borrows clothes to get star more fame>>designer gets sales and fame<<< that last part still not 100% foolproof.

5. "Do you make all of your clothes?!"

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Show me RIGHT NOW where on the clock we would have time to do that

Designers of almost any kind don't make things for themselves...then it would be a hobby and not a career.

Fashion is entirely trial and error and entirely by hand. We don't see a shirt on a rack as one shirt we see it as 13 separate pieces that have been cut, fit, recut, fit again, cut one more time then sewn together entirely by hand.

Let's not even talk about knits...

4. Rappers/Men being homophobic while entirely dressed in gay mens' designs*....

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But actually...stop. You sound as dumb as you usually look.

We know there's no logic in fragile/toxic masculinity but something's gotta can be a man of your "principles" and look like sh*t or you can humble yourself and rock with the cool, queer kids...trying to have both is no longer en vogue.

*Not all men in fashion are queer or gay but there's usually a palpable difference in skillset fyi.

3. "Can you make me my wedding dress?"

Fox / Via about we work on finding the husband first...

Your designer friends will gladly draw you a lovely sketch of a custom gown but not a stitch will be sewn unless they REALLY like you or need the coins. There's a reason luxury bridal gowns start in the $10k price range....It's a specialty...most schools don't even teach how to make gowns because there isn't even remotely enough time between hand sewing beads and lace to building corsets and skirts to perfect the craft.

2. "Being a Designer in NY must be so fun!"

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Unless you got that M.I.L.F. $

There's little glamour in sweating up and down the Garment District to one of the hundreds of fabric stores with too many options yet they never have exactly what you're looking for *cough*Mood*cough*. You go through the 5 stages:

Denial that it won't be as bad as last time

Anger that you chose to eat instead of saving for yardage, that you have yet to find a sugar daddy, that your bank account is still a work in progress.

Bargaining in a literal and spiritual sense when you're out of your budget

Depression when you realize you should've just been an analyst, consultant, or coordinator...whatever those things are

Acceptance that it is what it is. You are a Designer. You chose this path.


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You're asking me if I would like to voluntarily leave my home, job(s), social life and relative comfort to live with and be forced to work with 15 strangers and try to make whole garments in 48 hours or less under sleep deprivation all while being filmed for the world to see and judge?

The fashion industry existed long before PR existed and almost nothing they do is all that indicative of the current industry. They've captured the feeling of struggle though...

However, say what you want about the work seen on Project Runway, putting together anything wearable in those conditions is a feat in it of itself. Respect.

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