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Life, In Retro-Spect.

The cycle of our lives and eventual preference of everyday things, designs, decoration and wears boils down to the science of trends. Trends come, and they go. From the classical wears that were worn in the middle ages.

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Man has continued to innovate and experiment, growing tired of the same old bland designs and daring to introduce new concepts and new designs.


That is where we see the trendsetters who have the courage and the guts to be laughed at if they don't get it right. They are the experimentalists that strive to push the envelopes in general style and everyday living.

Different styles have managed to remain evergreen in our memories and at the same time cemented themselves as delectable styles that will never exactly go out of fashion, and their awakening is a proverbial toast towards an age of distinctive fashion, style, and design.

The Retro


Culled from the French word rétro, it is a design denoted by particular and specific motifs. Some kinds of colors and certain feel that greatly alludes and salutes to the design prevalent in the 1960s. The retro style is a throwback to a period whose design has aged very well.

Alluding to the glamorous look of the 1930's, the Neon and bright feel of the 1970's and the loud stylistic art that favors the diner, jukebox feel of 1960. Styles that nod to those periods of time are very much available for purchase even in the present age and time.

From the Retro style furniture to the Kitchen utensils, and also the wallpaper that gives the home and house a distinctive and special look.


Like travel through time to the good old days.

If you ever yearn to know and feel what it was like to live when John Kennedy was President, when Men still wore Suits as their everyday wear and when the internet was a myth.

The feel is in the look, the colors, and the design.

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