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Generic Or Branded Drugs?

Sometimes, we visit the chemist, and he charges us way less than the amount we budgeted and expected. It is really a good feeling, but it is puzzling too. Does the chemist now have a crush on me? Or there is some kind of discount going on at the pharmacy. All types of questions are raised to be answered.

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But no, the Chemist is probably happily married, or in a serious relationship, you don't have a new distant admirer, you simply purchased some generic drugs.

What are they? You ask, Generic drugs are cheaper alternative to their branded and reputable counterparts. But if they are generic, aren't they inferior? You know the power of drugs; safety is one of the key characteristics of the average and good drug. So why in the world is it this cheap?

I love it, but I'm wary of it. It is a weird feeling.

It is simple; a generic drug is in essence, a copy of a brand name product of similar uses


. They are identical in terms of biological and pharmaceutical makeups, containing the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts. Although, the inactive ingredients present like color, preservatives and other filler things might be different.

They are produced by smaller companies who don't put so many resources in research and developmental areas nor do they invest much in advertising and branding. Their mode of operation is simply to make the drugs and sell it at over half price when compared to the original.

The generic drugs are also FDA approved and didn't constitute any harm to the users.

The branded and popular companies do the heavy lifting behind the research and patenting of it. They push it out to the world at a price that reflects the amount of effort that went into making it.

It is quite interesting; some generic drugs have attained a higher level of popularity when compared to the named ones since they have the same effects. Why don't you just go cheap and buy them?

Seems like a good idea for many.

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