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The 10 Best Ways To Escape Reality

Do you need a serious break from reality? Whether it's a f’real milkshake, a mini hummer or a tropical vacation... treat yourself! You deserve it! Do you have a special way you like to escape reality? Submit it here for a chance to star in a Funny Or Die video, sponsored by f'real milkshakes

1. Stay In An Underwater Hotel

2. Indulge

3. Buy Yourself An Extravagant Gift

4. Play World Of Warcraft For Hours

5. Buy A Zoo

6. Go Hang-gliding

7. Take A Trip To A Remote Village

8. Watch Every Cute Kitten Video On The Internet

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There's a reason why millions of people from all over the world spend hours of their work day watching videos of cute kittens on the internet. Now this is one effective way to get your endorphins working overtime!

9. Book A Flight To Ferrari World

10. Make A Reservation At A Restaurant You Can't Afford