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Man In Stag & Owl Tee Enjoys Sushi On A Saturday Afternoon

There's nothing wrong with enjoying sushi on a Saturday Afternoon while wearing a band t-shirt.

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This is Anthony. Anthony enjoys sushi.

© Annie Frasier 2016

Local Charlotte, NC resident Anthony B. is very content eating sushi on a Saturday afternoon while wearing a Stag & Owl t-shirt.

In fact, Anthony enjoys eating sushi not just on Saturdays, but on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, even Wednesdays, Thursdays, AND Fridays.

We asked Anthony B. why he enjoys sushi so much, "It's good. I like it, I enjoy it," he commented.

© Annie Frasier 2016

Anthony is about to take a bite into his sushi and enjoy it on this said Saturday afternoon.

We also asked Anthony, "Why the Stag & Owl tee?" His reply was intuitive and thought provoking. "I enjoy Stags. I enjoy Owls. I enjoy t-shirts. I enjoy the band Stag & Owl."

© Google Images, Stag & Owl / Via

That's incredibly insightful, Anthony. Wow. So inspiring.

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