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5 Foreign Products That Won't Be Appearing In British Supermarkets Anytime Soon

Even though the world is supposed to have over 740 million English speakers* and English is the most taught foreign language worldwide, somehow the following products were released without anyone noticing how their names might sound if anyone understood the actual meaning. *(Then again 23% of Brits can allegedly speak French, which if you'll excuse my French is frankly bollocks.)

Fraser Jay Myers 5 years ago

7 German Words The English Language Needs Right Now

The internet has been unkind to the German language lately but there are some German language gems that you need in your life. Though I'm happy to leave it to The Guardian to defend the German people against the accusation that they are all obsessed with their own poo, it seems unfair that people still go on saying the language of Goethe is somehow "ugly" when its words can express ideas that would need a whole sentence in English:

Fraser Jay Myers 6 years ago