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6 Things All Extroverts Need To Understand About Us Introverts

Please. Educate yourself.

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Your idea of a fun night might look a little different than ours.

Sure, you have a fun time going out to the club, but that sounds like hell to us. We're much happier staying in, reading our trusty copy of "Mein Kampf," and listening to some old timey circus music.

Parties can be hard for us.

Jan Stromme / Getty Images

While you can enter a party without any thought, us introverts need to prepare. That's why we always carry a balloon with us wherever we go. If we get uncomfortable, we just pull it out, start blowin', and hey! We've got our own, personal space.

Just because we're not talking to you, doesn't mean we're upset.

Listen, we're fine with silence! Don't assume we're mad at you just because we refuse to speak to you, yet continue to make intense, unbroken eye contact while also tenderly fondling our genitals. We're just enjoying the moment!

We're fine with a small group of friends.

While you might be more satisfied with a large friend group, us introverts prefer to keep ours around 3 people. Those 3 people are The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Trust us, it makes planning dinner parties way easier.

We need a lot of "alone time."

Us introverts recharge from being alone. Sometimes we've just gotta find a place to go be by ourselves. The need for alone time can strike at any moment - on a roller coaster, in a high stakes job interview, or in the midst of a racial sensitivity training session. We just gotta follow our instincts, and find a place to be alone.

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