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Keeping Your Lipstick Where It Belongs

How to make your lipstick stick to your lips, and only your lips.

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We've all had our fair share of awkward lipstick misadventures, enough to make any girl weary of embracing a bold lip. Whether it's embarrassing marks on the rim of your wine glass, your morning coffee mug repeatedly taking shots at your brightly hued pout, or a bit of pigmented residue left on your date's lips, it's time to embrace a few tricks of the trade and figure our way around this occasional beauty mishap.

Step 1. Prep the surface!


HYDRATE! The secret to smooth lips is a happily and adequately hydrated person; this means lots of water (Added benefit: plenty of excuses to run to the ladies' room to check on your makeup) plus ample application of lip balm. And EXFOLIATE! Even with plenty of water, chapped and uneven lips are inevitable. Scrub away the dead skin with either a soft toothbrush or Fresh's cult favorite Sugar Lip Polish.

Step 2. Use a primer!

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While commonly forgotten, primer is worth the extra step to help prevent your lipstick from feathering or bleeding out and an even and slightly tacky finish to ensure bright and long lasting color.

Step 3. Lip Liner!


To further ensure an even and defined edge, line and fill in your lips with a color similar to your lipstick (try to avoid the unfortunate mocha-esque hue that was so popular in the '90s). The matte liner acts a second primer, so while steps two and three are not necessary, little extra help is always welcome.

Step 4. Lipstick!


Finally! It's time! Go ahead and slap on that 'stick you've so eagerly been awaiting. But instead of a thick single application, go for a few thinner layers while blotting in between to avoid excess build up that will easily transfer to mugs, utensils, cheeks of people you just gave a European "hello" to, and so forth.

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