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    • franktburley

      I have some issues:
      1. don’t put everything on the mass media as far as how YOU view YOU - it’s a factor, but take some ownership as well
      2. the artists are writing these songs to sell, not to be a savior, so I’d object to your characterization of their paternalistic self-righteousness
      3. you mean to tell me that women get satisfaction out of curling their hair and putting on makeup just for the sake of doing it detached from any gratification from how others perceive their appearance? first, I don’t buy it, and second, even if it’s just because they think they’re beautiful or whatever, isn’t that still part of what you are criticizing mass media for causing - the obsession with looking a certain way? and aren’t you then legitimizing what you’re apparently fighting?
      4. although the lyrics in pop songs aren’t likely to actually get there, I do think there’s an attractiveness to a beautiful (any kind) woman who isn’t obsessed with what others think of her. conversely, a woman who thinks she’s hot shit is very unattractive to me. it’s different than stated in the songs, but I think that’s more of what they’re talking about, even if they can’t nail it down

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