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13 People Tell Us The Simple Cooking Hacks They Use To Get More Flavour

Every meal should be a flavour adventure.

1. Hot sauce and mayo on leftovers = chef's kiss.

2. Use the four key elements when cooking.

"When I'm cooking I always use the salt, fat, acid, heat checklist. When a dish has all of these elements, it balances and tastes better. Using salt (or soy sauce) for salt, then adding lemon, lime juice or a vinegar for acid usually does the trick. I also make sure the dish has a good amount of fat (butter, butter, butterrrr!), and heat which is temperature rather than chilli."


3. Garlic really does make everything taste better.

4. Don't chuck away the water from a jar of hot dogs.

"You know the water left from a jar of hot dogs? I always keep it to use as a type of stock in chilli con carne and spaghetti Bolognese. It gives them an extra salty and smoky flavour."


5. Add some seeds for a bit of crunch.

"When I make cheese on toast I pop some pumpkin or sunflower seeds on top for some added texture."


6. Lemon is the perfect way to prevent ingredients sticking to your BBQ.

7. Marinading your meats will help to kick the flavour up a notch.

"I'm big on marinading meats before cooking them. So I'll try to prep my dinner around lunchtime so that I can pop the meat in the fridge to continue marinating. If I'm cooking a curry, I'll pop some spices and yoghurt in there, or if I'm going to do a BBQ, I'll mix hot sauce with some honey for my chicken."


8. Grill your burgers with mustard and hot sauce.

9. Add some flavour and colour to your dish with this unexpected spice.

"I'm all about sumac — I always have a tub of it to hand. It adds depth and a beautiful deep red colour to a dish!"


10. Butter, butter, butter, baby!

"One really simple technique I do almost every time I cook is slowly cook an ingredient down in butter. Slowly frying the veg for example brings out the sugars and completely changes how something tastes. The butter turns nutty and you end up with something completely different had you just quickly fried it in oil. Take sliced onions, sweet potatoes, and garlic for example. Sweat them over a low heat in butter for 30 minutes and you get the most incredible taste and smell! I like to toss pasta through it and sometimes, if I'm looking for an extra kick, I'll even add some hot sauce. Honestly, it's the most amazing (and quick) dinner!"


11. Have an oil for every flavour occasion.

12. Avocado with salt, pepper, and oil is the snack you didn't know you needed.

"Okay, so this isn't so much a cooking tip, but more of a prep tip — if I'm having some avocado, I'll simply slice it and then pour a bit of my fancy olive oil on top, some sea salt, and pepper. A super simple but really flavourful snack that you can either eat on toast or just on its own."


13. Learn to love your vegetables by mixing them with some hot sauce.

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