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Frank's RedHot–Flavored Goldfish® Are A Thing Now, And We're Here For It

Forget spicy tuna rolls. Hand over those crunchy, spicy Goldfish.

Thinking about your school lunch bag brings back a rush of nostalgia, doesn't it?

A girl looks into a brown paper lunch bag

Odds are, your school lunch bag often contained a healthy serving of these little guys:

Goldfish crackers on a plate

Our bag lunches look a little different now that we're adults...

A paper bag of takeout food

...But we never stopped loving those Goldfish®.

Goldfish crackers on a plate

If your grown-up palate has a taste for spicy foods, we have great news for you.

A person putting a spicy hot pepper in their mouth

For a limited time, you can get Goldfish® that are flavored with Frank's RedHot!

Frank's RedHot Goldfish next to a bottle of Frank's RedHot sauce

Now you can get a snack that has the perfect blend of spice, cheesy goodness, and just a little hint of vinegar for kick.

Frank's RedHot Goldfish on several plates and bowls

Look these little dudes in the eye and tell them you're not interested.

A close up shot of the bowl of Goldfish next to the packaging

Go ahead.

An even more close-up shot of the bowl of Goldfish

We'll wait.

A very close-up shot of the Goldfish. One Goldfish in the center is clearly smiling.

All images courtesy of Frank's RedHot and Getty Images.

Grab your own Frank's RedHot Goldfish® now! You'd better do it quick, since they'll only be around for a limited time.