The 12 Sketchiest Muppets In The World

The weirdest monsters that you’ll meet when you’re walking down Sesame Streets outside the USA.

12. Aanchoo

This Indian Muppet transports from place to place by sneezing, giving her the ability to single-handedly spread deadly viruses around the globe—like a more cuddly Gwyneth Paltrow in Contagion.

11. Bjarne Betjent

Bjarne is the ticket master at the train station on Norway’s Sesame Street. He seems nice enough, but we all know what that distended red nose means. Skal!

10. Chaos

This Canadian refugee from a touring company of Cats is ready to pounce into your nightmares. Feel the claws of Chaos!

9. Nu’man

Hello… Nu’Man! And like a bizarre lost Seinfeld episode, this Kuwaiti Sesame Street character’s costume was stolen when Saddam Hussein’s forces invaded the country in 1990.

8. Da Niao

This yellow-feathered beanpole is pitched to Chinese preschoolers as Big Bird’s identical cousin, not a cheap knockoff. But is that a cache of pirated DVDs in Big B… er, Da Niao’s nest?

7. Elefancio

This disembodied trunk hangs out, literally, on the Mexican Sesame Street. Elephant walk indeed.

6. Moishe Oofnik

Hey, kids: What’s more fun than a Grouch in a trash can? How about this Grouch who lives in a junk car on Israeli Sesame Street? Oofnik!

5. Akshar Kumar

Muppet Bollywood star from Indian Sesame Street, or preview of 1970s Don Draper from Mad Men? We’re going with the latter.

4. Shiku

What could possibly be more huggable than a curious jackal? That’s the completely reasonable question posed by the scavenger-carnivore lovers at Bangladesh Sesame Street.

3. Don Pimpón

Colorful threads? Stylin’ hat? Decked out in fur? Hangs on the corner with vacant-eyed characters who don’t wear clothes? Yes, children, that’s Sesame Street Spain’s lovable Don Pimpón.

2. Karl Heinz

What’s weirder: that the German Sesame Street features a scrub brush as a sentient character, or that its name is Karl Heinz?

1. Günni

Yep, German Sesame Street stars a talking toilet that lives in a house owned by a wolf and a horse. Sounds like a job for Karl Heinz!

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