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The 12 Sketchiest Muppets In The World

The weirdest monsters that you'll meet when you're walking down Sesame Streets outside the USA.

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12. Aanchoo

Via muppet.wikia.com

This Indian Muppet transports from place to place by sneezing, giving her the ability to single-handedly spread deadly viruses around the globe--like a more cuddly Gwyneth Paltrow in Contagion.

9. Nu'man

Via muppet.wikia.com

Hello... Nu'Man! And like a bizarre lost Seinfeld episode, this Kuwaiti Sesame Street character's costume was stolen when Saddam Hussein's forces invaded the country in 1990.

8. Da Niao

Via muppet.wikia.com

This yellow-feathered beanpole is pitched to Chinese preschoolers as Big Bird's identical cousin, not a cheap knockoff. But is that a cache of pirated DVDs in Big B... er, Da Niao's nest?

3. Don Pimpón

Via muppet.wikia.com

Colorful threads? Stylin' hat? Decked out in fur? Hangs on the corner with vacant-eyed characters who don't wear clothes? Yes, children, that's Sesame Street Spain's lovable Don Pimpón.

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