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10 "Sesame Street" Performances By Late, Great Celebrities

In Muppet memoriam: Sesame Street has been a cultural touchstone for so long that some of its famous guest stars have begun to pass away. Here are several such classic appearances.

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1. James Gandolfini faces his fears

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He tells Zoe about the three things that scare him the most.

2. Sneak Peek Previews with Siskel & Ebert

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Dueling critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel are all thumbs in this segment with Oscar and Telly. Argues Ebert: "I think there could be a lot of interesting thumbs sideways movies!" Siskel, of course, disagrees.

3. Michael Jackson celebrates Christmas with Oscar

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The book he's reading in this 1978 special? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Ghosts but Were Afraid to Ask. MJ's review? "It's really trash."

4. Lena Horne: Bein' Green

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A powerful, poignant performance. You'll be as affected as Kermit.

5. Johnny Cash: Nasty Dan

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Oscar: "Say, aren't you Johnny Trash?" Cash: "Have a rotten day!"

6. Sally Ride: A is for Astronaut

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7. Ray Charles: I Got a Song

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Not to take anything away from Ray, but Burt plays a mean bass.

8. Gregory Hines demonstrates near and far...

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...with his brother, Maurice.

9. Christopher Reeve on living as a quadriplegic

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"With my chair and with my family and all my friends who help me I can do lots and lots of great stuff."

10. Put Down the Duckie

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The late comedians John Candy and Madeline Kahn (along with departed singer Celia Cruz and actor Gordon Jackson) enliven this star-studded 1988 PBS pledge drive special that neatly encapsulates late-eighties pop culture.

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