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OH No He Didn't! Emerging Pop-Rock Artist Throws Huge PARTY!

FrankOH is an emerging solo-artist who is rapidly gaining momentum and immense support in the pop-rock scene as a young artist who has recently released his debut-single and music video for “Hear U Scream.” This past summer he independently wrote and produced Hear U Scream in collaboration with film director Cat Hostick and music singer/songwriter/producer Andrew Conroy (Rain City Rockers). Their team effort enlisted the help of Kenneth Mount and Zack Odom of ZK Productions (Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Every Avenue, The Summer Set), who took on the project despite their busy schedules and saw the potential of the song. Hear U Scream is the common scenario that every “young love” comes across at least once in their life: when you’re at the party and you see the one at first sight… but, usually the case, everything keeps you apart. It’s not about the stars aligning or destiny— it’s just a great party with a lot of distractions! Whether it’s your friends, party games, or that fear of waiting for the other to make the first move, we’ve all been there! It’s that feeling when everything snowballs into one big pent-up emotion, which is the essence of 'Hear U Scream'. Checkout to see what FrankOH does in a one-take style music video!

frankohmail 5 years ago