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    Tooth Enamel And Its Protection

    The hardest substance in your body is the enamel on the teeth. It is protective layer on the teeth and made up of hydroxyapatite and some minerals.

    The hardest substance in your body is the enamel on the teeth. It is protective layer on the teeth and made up of hydroxyapatite and some minerals. The color of the enamel is mostly light yellow but it may be grey in some people. This layer is the visible part of the teeth. It is the protective layer of the teeth that safeguard the teeth from external bacteria. This protective layer (tooth enamel) helps teeth in preventing dental issue, sensitivity and inner damage. Do not neglect the enamel care. It is very important. If you neglect the enamel care and hygiene it will cause some chaos in the mouth and the inner layer of teeth become vulnerable. Slowly and gradually the enamel becomes thin and may be disappear due to brushing teeth, eating food and drinking. So, it is important to take care of your enamel. Here are some tips which will be helpful in protecting the enamel layer.

    Dairy food

    A common saying that dairy products have bad impact on health. That is no true. This is an unjustified statement. Zero carbs are not a solution to health issues. For strengthens the bones and teeth dairy products are essential. So consuming dairy products are important and good for health. Sharing a fact with you that chewing the cheese increases the saliva production that removes all the dirt and rubbish from the teeth and build up acidic residue which is very important. Consume the dairy products which are high in phosphate and calcium and they remain alive tooth enamel. Cheese is the example.

    Intake of Soda

    Soda is not good for teeth. It tastes good but harmful for teeth. Many of the people are regular consuming soda and soft drinks which are too bad for health and teeth. If you are having some stomach disease or you are habitual of drinking soda. Then try to drink it with straw so it cannot destroy enamel. Do not go with the soda diet option that is also not a good idea. After consuming soda rinse your mouth with water. Try to limit your consumption of soda if want to take care of tooth enamel. Regular consumption will cause enamel loss which is dangerous sign for teeth safeguard.

    Alcohol Consumption

    Alcohol is an open threat to tooth enamel and your health. Try to avoid alcohol for the health safety. If you cannot get rid of alcohol habit try to limit it. Consuming alcohol is death to enamel. Drink in moderate amount that will help you in consuming the sugar and acid which is harmful for enamel. Alcohol has properties which makes your mouth dry and your mouth cannot make proper amount of saliva which is essential for teeth clean and enamel layer.

    Citrus Consumption

    Citrus is important to health in many ways but it can be dangerous for oral health. Citrus is good in sickness like fever but not good for enamel. Acidic fruit and juices are dangerous for oral hygiene. Citrus is bad for teeth does not mean you have to eliminate it from your diet. Do not avoid fruits. Eat and drink the citrus fruits and juices but rinse your mouth with water after eating.

    Brush your Teeth Carefully

    Brush your teeth carefully and softly. Do not impose extra force while cleaning your teeth. Choose the toothbrush with soft bristles so that it may not damage the enamel. Brush your teeth for at least five minutes. Do not rush in brushing your teeth. Brush the teeth from all the directions. That will help you in keeping your teeth enamel alive.

    Brushing Time

    Brush your teeth twice a day. Morning and night are the two best times for brushing the teeth. Do brush your teeth before going to bed and in morning as well. Try to avoid brushing teeth after immediate eating meal.

    Apart from basic things you do at home, it is very important to get your oral cavity analyzed after every six months. Thus, you can visit san Jose dentist for regular checkups and also to ensure better preventative dental care.

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