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Dildo Hoverboard

The Dildo Hoverboard has arrived and will make your commute to work a lot more fun.

franklygail 3 years ago

Dildo Drone

When using a dildo, you no longer need to use your hands with the Dildo Drone!

franklygail 3 years ago

My First Kid

Dad makes hilarious music video with his 2 kids. He raps about liking one more than the other.

franklygail 3 years ago

Scary Beauty Salon Prank

Hilarious prank inside a beauty salon where a scary looking girl appears inside a mirror. The best part is at the end.

franklygail 6 years ago

Presenting A Fully Automated Popcorn Shooter

The future is here and humanity has reached the peak of laziness! Say hello to "The Popinator". Just say the word "pop" and The Popinator will shoot a piece of popcorn into your mouth. Yep.

franklygail 7 years ago

Zombie Experiment NYC

Could zombies live among us? This fun experiment shows how zombies try to fit into our society but fail - while scaring the hell out of people.

franklygail 7 years ago