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Why You Need To Stop Rushing Your Twenties

Whether you're feeling 22, no one's liking you at 23 or your 25 just trying to get by, enjoy the moment.

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It's hard to believe but your early 20's don't always look like a Taylor Swift song. You're expected to know exactly who you are and what you want to do when most of us don't even know what we want to have for dinner. Most of us pictured what our lives looked like at 22 and let's face it, it probably didn't include watching Netflix on your parents' couch in between shifts at California Pizza Kitchen. After eh, 15 or so kindly worded e-mails explaining that "although your skills and qualifications are impressive we've decided to pursue other candidates," it's easy to wish you could hit the fast-forward button to your future. But don't rush 22 because there's a lot you can do at 22 that you can't when you reach your "future."

1.Go out after work without telling anyone. A marriage license means you're legally obligated to tell someone where you're going after work.

2.Make a sex joke. Enjoy it while it lasts because after 29 anyone who's laughing when you say "That's what she said" is laughing because they're uncomfortable...not laughing because it's funny.

3.Go to a college bar. You may think girls are really into you as you're buying them drinks but once you drop the "Oh yeah I'm 30" bomb you have an awkward "I think I need to go find my friends" coming. And for the ladies out there being a cougar has only worked for Demi Moore...and even that only lasted for so long.

4. Day drink on Saturday. After 29 the only day drinking going on will be at the Gatorade cooler at the pee-wee soccer game…and this one isn't filled with jungle juice.

5.Go to sleep without setting an alarm. Once you have kids you're morning's will start at 6 AM getting them up for school. And you can't hit the snooze button because it's actually illegal not to send your kids to school.

6. Eat whatever you want. It's hard to believe but soon you'll only be able to eat a slice of pizza…instead of 4 slices of pizza, fries and a milkshake. Difficult to accept, I know.

You may not have the perfect boyfriend, apartment, job...or any job for that matter but stop spending your time worrying and start enjoying it, after all you've only got 10 years to be twenty-something.

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