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61 Thoughts People Who Don't Work Out Have At The Gym

We weren't all meant to be fit.

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1. I'm gonna do a hard workout today.

2. Should I do the stair master?

3. Eh, no. I should probably do more than 15 minutes of cardio.

4. I could do 30 minutes on the stair master.

5. Ha, no, I shouldn't. I don't want to die.

6. I wish I was taking a nap right now.

7. Why am I here?


8. I should run.

9. Let's do the 5k loop setting.

10. Okay, iPod, it's your time to shine.

11. "Heart Of A Champion" by Nelly, good choice, iPod.

12. I feel good, I could run for days.

13. Maybe I was a little ambitious with the 5K loop.

14. I don't even know how far 5K is.

15. Let's see, how far have I gone?

16. 0.25 miles.

17. That's it?


18. Why does Bravo always have to play Tabatha Takes Over.

19. I wish there was a better show on.

20. I'm sweating so much.

21. It's in my eyes and it burns.

22. I wish I had a towel.

23. Is anyone else sweating this much?

24. Nope, just me. Great.

25. Wow, am I out of breath?

26. I've run a mile, thats good.

27. I'll run farther tomorrow.

28. Yup, definitely too ambitious with the 5K loop.

29. I should do something for my abs.

30. I wish I had a better ab workout.

31. I'll look on Pinterest when I get home .

32. Wow. That guy has huge arms.

33. Time for an Instagram break.

34. No new notifications. Really?

35. There's that guy who's wearing jeans to the gym.

36. That's...interesting


37. Time for planks.

38. Let's aim for 1 min 30 seconds.

39. And...go.

40. Kanye's "New Workout Plan?" I like the way you're thinking, iPod.

41. Wow. This song is catchy.

42. I wonder if this is how Kim got her body.

43. I bet she does a lot of squats.

44. I should probably do squats.

45. Maybe tomorrow. I'm not into it today.

46. How much time's left?

47. WHAT?! A minute. This is just ridiculous.

48. Focus...focus...bathing suit season.

49. Finally done. Longest minute and a half of my life.


50. Is that girl seriously wearing her hair down?

51. She can't be really working out.

52. Where is she going?

53. Oh yeah, I bet you're getting a great workout in full hair and makeup.

54. I should get a personal trainer.

55. What am I thinking? I can't afford a personal trainer.

56. I could just follow one of the personal trainers around while they're with someone else.

57. I wonder if that's frowned upon.

58. It's probably frowned upon.

59. I think that's enough working out for today.

60. I'm gonna start eating so healthy and working out all the time.

61. Eh, starting tomorrow. Tonight's chicken parmesan night.

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