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The Sex And The City Plot Hole No One Mentions

I'm glad Carrie & Big ended up back together, but there's one major detail that should have kept them apart.

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So after 10 years Carrie's like "Let's get married, I'm not being forced out of Heaven on 5th NO WAY." / Via Giphy

She was also asked to do an entire wedding spread in Vogue despite having no actual celebrity credit.

Cue Harry (Charlotte's Hubby) who tells Carrie that Big couldn't get in touch with her because he didn't have her phone number.

And didn't know her address even though she's lived the same place for 10 years....

Jennifer Hudson's all like BTW you left Manolo Blahniks in that dream apartment and you have till 5 PM before the new owners change the locks

Must be nice surviving on a writer's salary and being able to carelessly leave your $600 shoes somewhere for months.


Carrie blatantly tells Big in the beginning of the movie that she wants to sell her apartment because she has to be smart, they aren't married, she'd have no legal rights to their home if something were to happen.


Well, they didn't get married so it's still technically Big's apartment, so since she's not an owner she wouldn't know it sold or when the new owners were changing the locks.

Which means she wouldn't have known to hurry over there for her shoes. / Via Giphy

IF she didn't know she HAD to get her shoes asap she wouldn't have hurried over there, would never have seen Big, they STILL wouldn't be speaking because apparently he didn't have her number or the address of his girlfriend for the past 10 years and Carrie would be single and alone.

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