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The Problem With Fear

Terror groups rely on fear. The problem with fear, is that it can be beaten.

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The problem with fear, is that it does not win.

People have tried countless times to use fear to oppress the free, to force us into submission. I will not hide but instead, I will continue to speak up. Your fear may be strong, but our freedom is stronger.

The problem with fear, is that it is cowardly.

There is nothing brave about shooting unarmed men, women and children. There is nothing brave about trying to rule through fear. You are not brave. You are a coward. Brave is our voices getting louder.

The problem with fear, is that its power depends on you.

Fear can only take the parts of you that you let it and I will not let you have any part of me. I will continue to wear what I want, say what I want, think what I want and live the life that I want because I am greater than your fear.

The problem with fear, is that it can be beaten.

The attacks on Paris tonight were meant to instill fear in us, to make us afraid of the consequences of our freedom. But guess what ISIS, I'M NOT AFRAID. I'm a female writer. I write about men, women, sex, dating, love, poke fun at daily life and feel blessed every day that I live in a country where I can choose my career and my life. My voice will not be silenced. Tonight awakened me, made me realize how precious my way of life is and how unwilling I am to give it up. These attacks, meant to make people like me feel weak and defeated, have failed.

And your fear will continue to fail because I am not broken, my voice is stronger than ever.

#MyVoiceIsStrong #ImNotAfraid

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