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The Only Christmas Music Video You'll Need This Year

Star-crossed lovers, snow and 80's hair...need I say more?

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Wham! - Last Christmas

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Wham! - Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) / Via

There's ex-lovers, new lovers and lots of a LOT of waving.

Make A Gif / Via

Then the old flame sparks because who doesn't love a man who knows his way around the Christmas tree

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Like most love stories there's jealousy...and this creepy dinner table stare

Make A Gif / Via

Then he reminisces about the events of "last Christmas"...because after all, it is a song about last Christmas

Make A Gif / Via

But now she's at dinner with her new boyfriend while she's wearing the brooch her ex-boyfriend gave her. The horror!

Make A Gif / Via

And finally everyone goes home as if nothing happened because why should it be weird spending Christmas with your ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend?

Make A Gif / Via

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