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College Friends

Graduating college is hard, especially when you have friend like these.

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College friends are like apartments, even though you know that when your time together is over you might not meet again, you still build memories, bond and by the time you need to move on, it feels like home. With graduation season coming to an end and my college time “officially” over, I think it’s only fair to pay tribute to those friends who motivated you to study or at least agreed to sit on Facebook with you at the library. The ones who went with you to random parties to stalk down your love interest…and then cursed their name while listing 100 different things wrong with them when you saw that same person kissing someone else. And especially the ones who stayed up to bring you water and make you pizza at 2 a.m. when you were…out of commission. Even though we all know staying up waiting for the oven to preheat after a few drinks is more difficult than asking Lindsay Lohan to stay sober. College is about finding yourself but what would your solo journey to self-discovery be without nights of laughter, heart to hearts and Netflix binge watching with friends? Plus, you would have looked pretty creepy dancing alone at that foam party. It may take a village to raise a child but all it takes to make it out of college alive, are a few good friends…and some Gatorade for Sunday morning. To all the good college friends out there, here’s to you.

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